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'Parker Spitzer' Urges Harold to Take His Medicine  
Is P.F. Jones?

Coke Plant Hiring Everyone But You  

U.S. Senator to Fight for Chinese Contributors  

Facebook Exacts Revenge on America's Theaters

America Finds the Limits of 3D  

Morning After Suspends Employees for Porn


No One's Going to Read This

Channel 6 at Six Newscast to Drop News  

'Ground Zero Mosque' Replaced with Strip Club


South Carolina Pulls Some Crazy Shit
to Get Back in the News

Former President Bush Spotted in Washington, D.C.  

NFL Rookie Reconsiders Managing Family Store

Walmart Found to Be End of ALL Civilizations  
  'Top Fluffer' Sets Records for Viewership, Complaints  

Chrone Osphere Hits P.F. Jones with a Hammer
at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

TEA Party Appoints Mega-Minority as Spokesperson  

Song of the Web Dance, 1.0

May 4th Ceremony Crasher Just Now Waking Up  

Snack Spray Fattening America to Death


Captain Obvious Rips the LeBron Bandage Off

Hey Hon, What's with the Sex Harness?  

n Pedophile Relieved, Disappointed to Learn Kristen Stewart Is 20  
Investors Offer LeBron Team, Lunar Colony  
jp FedEx Gets General Fired, Iranian President Beheaded  
Will Ferrell on Tom Cruise- 'He's Got My Family'  

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