Sunday, June 24, 2006

Web Morning After P.F. Jones

P.F. Jones
Makes Rare

For the first time in years, IJI CEO P.F. Jones set foot on JMG property to christen the launch of Time Ship 1 and his latest pet project, the "Temporal News Program," which is sure to revolutionize the landscape of post-modern media... more
Chrone Osphere:
Man of Mystery

Kennedy's Assassination

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

The Hindenburg Explosion

The Challenger Tragedy

Time-Travel Deemed
'Perfectly Safe'

by Shell Davis

Three Die
in Tragic
Time Ship

The Post launched it's "Temporal News Program" Saturday and many people find themselves asking the same irksome question:
Is Time-Travel safe? more
Chrone Osphere's departure crushed two stories under Time Ship 1's rooftop launch pad, killing three JMG employees and destroying a computer vault that held the Post's stories dating back to 1993... more
csc The Cerebral Stenography Chip: Keeping Tabs on Chrone Osphere

Why the World Needs an Imbed in Time. Right Now.
P.F. Jones says we need a Temporal News Program to gain perspective.
I agree. more

Research into neural-molecular manipulation for war drones has given us the ability to digitally read thoughts, feelings and emotions.
With his implanted chip, Chrone can actually transmit his thoughts. more
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