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AOL Buys- wait, AOL still exists?
Is P.F. Jones?

NASA Keeps Losing Control of Curiosity Rover to Boy with Smartphone
hh Nick Cage to Star in Some Piece of Shit Movie
Chick-fil-A Now 'Cool with Any Kind of Marriage,
Just Come Back for Pluck's Sake!'
  Portugal Vanishes, Spain Knows 'Nada'  
  London Residents Irate at Having to Move Rooftop Cannons for Olympic Security Missiles  
  PepsiCo to Sponsor Syrian Conflict  
  Romney Denies Having Ever Heard of Bain Capital  
Greek President Caught Applying to London McDonalds  
  GOP Rushing to Fix Amnesia Ray  
School Board Rejects 'Game of Thrones' Stage Play  
You'd Better Bring My Truck Back, Louie  
Cacophony of Chaos:
Time Travelers Wreck/Create Six Previous Post Stories
  Romney Tells Sons to Decide Which One of Them Will Gay for the Election  
Larry 'the Leisure Suit King' Waiting for 'Fat Collar Revolution'  
Facebook Removing 'Spankify' App  
Let's Skip the Part About You Never Seeing Your Daughter Alive Again  
  'Doomsday Preppers,' 'Hoarder' Crews Fight Over Lunatic in Bunker  
v Sorry, But I'm Not Going to Report in a Hoodie  
Secret Service Clarifies How Much It's Willing to Pay for Sex  
Gazette- We've Been Accused of What?!  
  Santorum Reveals Spite-Powered Bus  
NY Jets Update: Tim Tebow Unsure If He Wants to Open Gift Basket from Mark Sanchez  
Our HMO Has a List of Every American with Cancer (just buy a premium to find out if you're on it)  
  Fox Announces 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' Movie Franchise  

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