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I Think My High School Girlfriend Is Ready to Take Me Back (Now That She's a Widow)
Is P.F. Jones?

Gazette- A List of 42 Other Things We Don't Do
hh Gazette- We Do Not Harbor Serial Killers!
Lone Gunman's Imaginary Friends Even Bigger Asshole Than He Is
Chrone Osphere and Elvis' Last Moments  
  Gazette- We Are Not Satanists!  
  I'm Here to Play Ball  
Post Parent Company Caught Building Secret Army  

I Proudly Give My Nineth and Final Endorsement to Mitt Romney  
Newt Announces Fourth Marriage, Loses Florida Primary  
American Audiences Agree- 'Liam Neeson Could Probably Kill Me'  
  Post Parent Company May Have Kinda, Sorta Tried to Start a War for Profit  
  Tim Tebow Leaves God an Angry Voicemail  
  Rick Santorum Refuses Another 'Frothy' Cappuccino on Campaign Trail  

Ford Offering Beautiful Detroit Home with Any 2012 Explorer  
Returning American Soldier Realizes He Forgot His Favorite Porno in Iraq  
Unmanned War Drone Levels Chicago Suburb, Military Suspends 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day'  

Hillary Clinton Spotted Lamenting How Much Better She Would Have Lit That Christmas Tree  
iCloud Ruined My Marriage  
Super Committee: 'It's Almost As If We Need People to Give the Government More Money or Something'  

Joe Paterno Scraps Daycare Center Plans

Google+ Considers Starting a Facebook Page  

Cain Offers Lifetime of Free Pizza for Women's Silence


VP Biden Ruins White House Costume Ball  

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