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cf I'm a Pretty Princess
by Chip Foxx
Is P.F. Jones?

Casey Anthony, God Lose Bets on Verdict
hh l Megalomaiancs, Gold-diggers Try Their Hands at Speed-dating
Keith Olbermann's Doing Community Service on Al Gore's Pretend TV Network
  You Know You Still Need Me, Baby
by Bill Clinton
  Big Weddings Legitimize Any Whore,
even my cousin Bethany
  g Congressman Weiner Apologizes for Last Name  

Oprah Homeless After Two Weeks Without Her Show

r Comedian Cleared in Heckler Slaying  
  l Next IMF Leader Promises She'd Be 'Less Rapey'  

r Biblical Rapture Expected Sometime After Lunch  
m MSNBC Waiting to Contradict Next Thing Fox Says  
m Mississippi Declared One Big, Shitty Disaster  

c Bin Laden's Kirk Cameron Collection Auctioned on eBay  
Birthers Convice President Obama
That He Really Is a Foreigner
Morning After Post Keeps Plagerizing Our Stories  

Brendan Fraser Threatens Moviegoers with Another 'Mummy' Sequel  
Man Researching Government Shutdown Ends Up Watching Clips of 'West Wing' Instead  
'Tech Bitches' Somehow Offensive  
  Condom Still Stuck to Liz Taylor's Hollywood Star  

No One Notices Sisqó Boycott SXSW Festival

Glenn Beck Spends Weekend Trying to
Pin Tsunami on President Obama
  Moammar Gadhafi to Cede
Power of Libya for 423 Kittens
  You Should Shop at PleasureMax Adult Superstore!
(I Never Got the Whole 'Conflict of Interest' Thing)
Sheen Reveals Antics Were Part of Mockumentary  

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