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ipad President Obama Spends Entire State of the Union Talking About iPad  
Is P.F. Jones?

Your Daughter Looks Like She'd Be A Great Lay

s Scranton Slasher Slashing Strangler's Escaped Stranglees  
s Cable Split-Screen Interviews Make Anything Debatable  
s Tom Cruise and the RoboNinja Debacle  

You Shouldn't Have. Really.

a The Scranton Strangler Is Getting His Ass Kicked  
a a

JP Oil Tankers Accused of Piracy

a Cancer Cure Lost to Fraternity Paint  
y a

I'm Not Too Drunk to Write Up This Murder-Suicide


You Should Get Tested, Michelle

a Scranton Slasher Outkilling Scranton Strangler  
a Buy Your Old Favorite Band's Crappy New Album  
a Halloween Pimps Beaten Up by Real Pimps  
  t Adventures in Kent Bar Hopping  
  d Swine Flu Vaccine Accused of 'Homo-fying' People  
  g Autistic Chess Game Enters 83rd Day  
universe Rough Flight Home from Copenhagen
CNN Replaces Wolf Blitzer with Twitterbot  
  Miley Cyrus Revealed as Disneyland Madam
  'Nice Guy' Tom Hanks Arrested for Dogfighting  
California Burned to Ground (Again)  
Health-Care Shmealthcare  
g Marching Toward Our Socialist Death Panels  
Of Course I'm Concerned About Meredith's Cancer  

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