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f Cruise Fights for Movie Robot's Citizenship  
Is P.F. Jones?

John Madden Breaks Down During World Cup Soccer  

Local Racist Still Going to Karate Kid

  d ABS Airs First Vampire/ Reality Series  

Three JP Oil Execs Missing,
President Says 'Don't Dwell On It'

Fatal Accident Ends in Near-Hilarity  

I'm No Townie


Wall Street Execs Told to Play Monopoly  
President Obama Nominates Judge Judy to Supreme Court  
Duck with Oil Fetish Wishes Environmentalist Would 'Fuck Off'  

Double Down a Pentagon Experiment in Suggestibility


Discovery's humans a Dismal Failure


New $100 Bill Can Hear Your Thoughts, Prayers

The Army of Truth Crashes Chip Foxx's TEA Party  

Gazette Reporter Honored, Strangled


Woods Apologizes for Endorsing AshleyMadison.com


Bunnylike Creature Ruins Easter  
IJI Accused of Creating Epidemic for Profit  
The Day After Health-care Passed  

Football Fan Killed by Co-worker

Scranton Strangler Kills Scranton Slasher  

'Cop Out' Meets Mixed Reviews in Kent


Republicans Plan to Stink-Bomb Blair House Summit


Clinton, Palin Busted in Secret Affair



Chrone Osphere's First Mission Goes Awry  

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