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PharmaJones in Hot Water After Mixing Up Hyper Activity, Erectile Disfunction Medications
Is P.F. Jones?

Wall Street Bankers Begin Buying, Selling Protesters
hh Steve Jobs Relieved to Not Be in Hell
Facebook to Stream Heroin, Cocaine
Governor Perry Thanks God, Satan for Success  

Asshole 'Proud' to Be First 9/11 Memorial Streaker

RETRACTION: There is no pirate treasure buried beneath Sunrise Apartments. Sorry.  

Sunday's Best magazine: September 11th Anniversary Issue  
GOP Candidates Discuss Best Way to Ruin America by Next Fall  
'Fashion Police' Kill 17 Fashion Victims  

Post-Irene Subways Still Smell Like Piss

'Bar Rescue' to Prop Up More Unfit Bar Owners  

Plaintiffs Awarded for 'LOST' Hours  
Charlie Sheen 'Haunting' Set of 'Two and a Half Men'  
Zelda's First Column: Someone Put a Chip in My Head!  
  'America's Got Talent' Judges Unsure If They Want to See Casey Anthony's Talent  
  'Pray the Black Away' Clinic Struggling in Tough Economy  

Buddhist Monks Patiently Awaiting a Late Amy Winehouse  
Debt Ceiling Talks Suspended for Shark Week  
Chrone Osphere Seen Fleeing Neverland  

Teen Trying to Masterbate His Way
Through Heatwave Dies of Dehydration

Post Owner Caught on Sex Tape with Michelle Obama  

Post Owner Stickin' It to Rupert Murdoch  
Thanks for Making Me a Defacto Rapist  
Rep Bachmann Making Staff 'Uneasy'
with Unprompted Laxative Endorsements

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