Cameron Davis
Temporal Paradox

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Cameron Davis should not exist.
Shelley Davis and Perry Elizabeth were high school sweethearts until the day of the Challenger tragedy, when Perry caught Shelly losing her virginity to a substitute teacher.
Years later, when Perry became Chrone Osphere, the first reporter with a time machine, he made one of his first priorities going back, replacing the sub and deflowering her himself.
He not only succeeded, but also managed to get Shelley pregnant.
She went onto become Shell Davis, White House Correspondent and determined single professional mother.
Cameron had a troubled youth growing up.
While Shell thought the father was a vanishing substitute, Cameron grew up knowing that her father was a time traveler who could only visit occassionally.
She's currently a student at the Columbia School of Journalism at the top of her class, though she does have the tendency to get into fights.
We know that she will be instrumental in stopping P.F. Jones.