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This drunken time-traveling journalist has vowed to kill his boss, P.F. Jones, or die trying.
"Chrone Osphere" was a down-on-his-luck newspaper reporter who agreed to change his name, and thus sell his soul, for the gig.
Each week he's supposed to travel to a different historic moment to give a modern-day account of it.
Instead, he often fails in his task, allows Time Ship 1 to be seen, and refuses to return to Jones Tower.
Chrone has been suffering dementia brought on by stress and temporal psychosis, which has resulted in some "unpredictable" behavior, including cannablism and statatory rape, which resulted in the birth of his daughter, Cameron.
He claims to have proof that Jones will bring about the apocalypse, and is quite insistant on killing him first.
Where and what decade he plans to have done this in still unknown.

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Fun Facts
Andy, seen above, became the face of Chrone Osphere before he was made aware of it.