The Morning After Post
is a living, breathing
work of fiction.

You know-
like the constitution.

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The Premise
This website is the cyberspace representation of a fictitious national newspaper, The Morning After Post, which is the cornerstone of a fictitious media empire, the Jones Media Group, which is a subsidiary of International Jones, Incorporated, which is still largely owned by its founder, P.F. Jones.
Jones is attempting to reverse-engineer his own world domination with a time machine he "found" when he was 19.
Much to Jones' chagrin, he's been outed and challenged by Chrone Osphere, a reporter he gave a time machine to report on history.
Most of the crazy stories and headlines are a byproduct of changes that Jones and Osphere have made to the timeline.
Many of the reporters under Jones' employment are noticing a great deal of coincidences in how their lives intersect.
They don't realize that this is also from Jones' meddling.
Can they figure it out in time?
It'll all make sense, the morning after.
Most ads are for fake sister companies of the Post. Many of the stories are about them, too, creating a constant conflict of interest.  

Post creator Tianello used
his own face for the wonderfully
deplorable Chip Foxx
This website is the creation of Joel Tianello, as is all of its content, with the exception of The Playground, which is intended to be an open forum for comedy and the arts.
All reporters, correspondents and editors are characters created by Tianello.
All articles are works of fiction written by Tianello.
All photo illustrations are by Tianello.
You get the point.


  This website is loosely based on an underground zine that Joel and a few friends published four issues of at Kent State University in 2000.
Six years later, all that survived the zine was the name, masthead, the character of P.F. Jones and his column The Jones- all created by Tianello.
The name, “The Morning After Post,” was inspired by The Morning Post in the film His Girl Friday, as well as any connotations the phrase "morning after" conjures up, from a college hangover to post-apocalyptic.
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