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The world knows P.F. Jones as a badboy billionaire, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, media mogul and philanthrapist.
So basically, they know everything but the interesting parts.
After a troubled youth, bright, young Jones discovered a time machine outside a St. Louis carnival.
All he had to do was kill the owner for it.
Jones spent decades traveling back and forth the span of human history, learning how to manipulate and alter its course.
He once spent three years of his life erasing the Roman Empire, and then two more years expanding it to modern day.
By then Jones had gone somewhat mad with power, and only craved more.
He wanted an empire of his own, and this time no one sea or continent would be enough.
Jones wanted the whole world.
He re-engineered his life to become rich, powerful, even famous.
Jones made himself an award-winning reporter, to gain the love and respect of the people, who went on to own a newspaper, then chain, then media group, and finally global conglomerate- International Jones, Inc.
But, at age 50, he still hadn't dominated the world.
Furthermore, when he tried to change something in the course of his own life, he often found it had no impact and often forgot what he was attempting to do in the first place.
It was then that Jone realized that he was retroactively altering his own memories along with the timeline, and would never be able to use the time machine to its full potential.
Jones searched for a solution, and found one in particle research being performed by G.E. Labs in 2006.
Jones' I.J.I. bought G.E. and used its research to develop the Temporal Isolation Field, which could detatch an object or person from its former causality- one of the only true abominations in the natural universe.
Once P.F. used the TIF, he detatched himself from his past, and created a past he couldn't recall- and thus, could master.
P.F. became a god of his own one-man universe, tweaking the course of a much more innocent P.F., and occasionally replacing him.
The two Jones went on to conquer not only the American presidency, but all of Earth, with one small problem-
They couldn't do it without ending the world.
No matter how he tweaked it, Jones couldn't keep his people from combusting at the worst possible moment.
His insecurities, and temporal dementia, told him it was because he still didn't have the love and trust of the people.
Jones needed to be more than the peoples' reporter, CEO or president.
He needed to be their savior- or at least their prophet.
To that end, Jones went back to 2006 and gave the world his only true gift- time travel.
Pretending to invent it, based on a combination of G.E. and I.J.I. research, Jones built one new time machine, Time Ship 1, and launched the Temporal News Program.
TS1 was piloted by Perry Elizabeth, a respected journalist and famous talkshow host, who changed his name to Chrone Osphere.
Chrone discovered P.F.'s apocalyptic ambitions and told the world, vowing to stop Jones himself if necessary.
Jones, amused by a challenger that he could erase in the blink of an eye, chose to toy with Chrone for a bit.
He shredded a lifetime of Chrone's happy memories, starting with his childhood, until he was an insecure drunk of a newspaper reporter (though still dangerously in charge of a time machine).
Chrone's former life of fame and respect were replaced by monsterous acts that made the world fear him- but he still blew the whistle on Jones.
Five days into Jones' temporal blitzkrieg, Osphere discovered and bathed in a Temporal Isolation Field- cutting himself off from his past.
Chrone would forever be scarred by Jones' meddling, but he, too, had become an uneraseable god.
This made P.F. considerably less amused.
The real war had begun.
Few of these facts are known to the staff of The Morning After Post, like the fact that their livelihood is the byproduct of a derranged madman trying to take over the world.
They just know there are too many coincidences around Post papers and personnel, and the dreadful feeling that something is terribly wrong.
Will it all make sense, the morning after?

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Fun Facts
P.F. Jones is not-so-equal parts Charles Foster Kane, Ted Turner, Sir Richard Branson, Rupert Murdock, Isaac Jaffey (Sports Night), Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and Indiana Jones.