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I've made a terrifying discovery.
I know I wasn’t supposed to take Time Ship 1 into the future, but I was curious.
Who wouldn't want to see the future?
I spent a weekend tracking down and purging the sub-routine that was acting as a timeline-governor in the Temporal Inversion Core.
PITA objected, mildly, but I think he secretly wanted to see the future, too.

Then, as I scanned the timeline, I saw there was a catastrophic drop-off.
After 2019, the world becomes an uninhabitable wasteland.
Everyone dies.
And it's all President P.F. Jones' fault.
You read me right.
The man who brought the world time-travel is going to bring that same world to an end.
Your world, our world, is going to come to its violent demise, but it's not supposed to go down that way.

From your perspective, in 2007, the world is immortal, but heed my warning- the next 12 years are all downhill.
It will start gradually, slowly getting bad, then suddenly worse, to what you think is the breaking point- then worse than ever.
I still struggle with what to tell you, but you must not ignore the symptoms.
The temperature will rise gradually.
The storms will gradually get worse.
The economy will slip, gradually then suddenly.
Gas prices will rise.
Governments will fall.
Wars will rage like wildfire.

The news will get worse and worse, until you just ignore it all.
You'll ignore the macro-virus outbreak.
You'll ignore the zombie outbreak.
You'll ignore the vampire outbreak.
You'll assume it's all contained, but it won't be.
You'll ignore your rights slipping away until you're all under marshall law.

Once you're desperate enough, frantically seeking solutions, one man will appear to have all of the answers.
P.F. Jones is an accomplished billionaire, award-winning journalist and philanthropist, so people will be willing to listen to him.
No one will notice that he caused it all.

And in the end, before this world tears itself apart, Jones will rule it all.
I think that's what it was all about.
I think he wanted to rule the world.
But it's all at a deadly cost to us.

Once my horror subsided, I found myself enraged with anger, not just at Jones, but at the American people.
How could you elect P.F.?
Even if he didn't cause it all- the man owns 14% of the global economy.
Why would you elect a guy who owns an oil company, a defense contractor, an HMO and the media- don't you people get what 'conflict of interest' means?
How stupid are you?
Men with power will always want more power, and they will always put their own greed ahead of the good of the people.
The people have to do whatever is possible to keep these megalomaniacs in check.

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I now understand the privilege and responsibility of my position.
And I need each and everyone of you to understand that this is the sane me, not just the bottle or a spell of temporal psychosis.
I will continue to report on history, and try to be a voice of clarity through the chaos.
But now I have a mission of much greater importance, too:
I must, and will, put an end to P.F. Jones.

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