Temporal Terminology
~a glossary to decipher Chrone's time-traveling jargon~
Time Ship 1
Chrone Osphere
A drunk reporter put in charge of a time machine, "Chrone" had to work his way through temporal psychosis, unchecked hedonism and a number of celebrity deaths before he found his true calling- stopping P.F. Jones
The Chronosphere™
IJI-coined term for "the spherically-shaped fabric of space-time."
Of course you could just call it the space-time continuum or the natural universe, but then IJI wouldn't make any money.
The Dustbuster
P.F. Jones' personal time machine, discovered by Chrone Osphere.
It's more advanced than TS1, and most likely its reverse-engineered predecessor from the future.
Time Ship 1
TS1 was supposedly invented by IJI in 2006 as part of the Temporal News Program. P.F. Jones claims to have created it by combining research from G.E. (which he bought and quickly sold) and his own Integrated Tech. Chrone discovered it was really reverse-engineered from a more futuristic time machine, the dustbuster.
P.F. Jones
Billionaire, media mogul, harbinger of the apocalypse.
Jones reverse-engineered his empire with a time machine.
He'll go on to rule the world, but destroy it in the process.
Integrated Technologies
Jones' defense contractor in Hapsburg, Virginia, where Time Ship 1 was constructed. It's home to a number of deadly sciences that have affected neighboring communities.
Time Ray
A burst of weaponized time-travel, sending the receiving party to somewhere and somewhen against their will.
Jones' dustbuster had it first, then Chrone and PITA copied it.
Polyphasic Hull
TS1's outer shell is an ionized porcelean bulkhead suspended in liquid titanium. When charged with negative tacheons, it enters a state of molecular flux which facillitates travering temporal vortexes, as well as refracting the empty spaces between atoms for the cloaking effect.
Dr. Russell Peterman
A physisist for G.E., Dr. Peterman helped develop the Temporal Isolation technology, the reason Jones bought G.E. in early 2006. Combined with time-travel, it has allowed Jones to start taking over the world.
Jones later killed Peterman, but not before he gave Chrone some valuable advice.
The East Wing
Mysterious part of the Integrated Tech compound that Chrone discovered was a time machine, reverse-engineered from the dustbuster and a predecessor to TS1.
Temporal Vortex
A stable wormhole TS1 generates with its Temporal Inversion Core and a magnetic containment field, projected out its forward array. The vortex has specific Chronosphere™ coordinates that allows TS1 to travel through time and space.
Temporal Inversion Core
Device that uses gravitons and sterile neutrinos to create a quantum singularity in its inner chamber. The TIC then, using the singularity as its focal point, turns the universe inside-out at just the right angle, allowing Time Ship 1 to take its short-cut.
Temporal Isolation Field
Energy capable of disconnecting a person or object from its past causality. Jones claimed it was necessary for copywriting temporal content, but really needed it to stop changing his own memories when he meddled with the timeline.
Cameron Davis
Chrone's temporal paradox of a daughter with high school sweetheart turned White House corespondent Shell Davis.
Chrone went back to the day of the Challenger tragedy and replaced a teacher Davis had sex with, so it's a bit of a scandal.
Jones Tower
IJI's North American headquarters, located in Manhattan. Time Ship 1 launched from the roof in June of 2006.
Originally CompuCore 1, Chrone renamed TS1's onboard computer PITA for being a colosal "Pain In The Ass." Still, it's good at problem-solving and gives Chrone someone, or at least something, to talk to- instead of just talking to himself.
Cerebral Stenography Chip
An implanted chip that allows subjects to transcribe and transmit their thoughts. IJI put one in Chrone's head to keep track of him, though his extreme lifestyle has caused it to barely function.
Cerebral Stenography Cam
An addition to the CS chip, this "camera" uses the subject's eyes to capture point-of-view images that can be transmitted to a third party.
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