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For centuries, humanity has dreamed of what it would be like to travel to other points in time, and for decades science fiction has teased us with the possibilities.
Not until recent discoveries in theoretical and particle physics, however, has time travel seemed like a tangible reality.
Combine that with P.F. Jones’ vision for a Temporal News Program and G.E.’s research, and you have the ingredients for time travel stew.
To travel through time, one must break free from our fourth-dimensional existence, cut through the fifth dimension, loop around the sixth and slingshot past the seventh.
Don’t worry about the eighth, ninth or tenth dimensions- they don’t exist.
Don’t believe anyone named Albert who tries to tell you otherwise.
(even if string theory is dependent on ten dimensions, we’ve never seen the last three, so they must not exist)
So, how do we break free from our 4D space-time?
For years it was thought that we needed to find a wormhole, where gravimetric forces allowed two planes of curved space-time to touch, but now we know that’s bullshit.
Time Ship 1Time Ship 1’s Temporal Inversion Core actually uses gravitons and sterile neutrinos to create a quantum singularity in its inner chamber.
Then, rather than trying to go through or control the singularity, which would be impossible, the TIC, using the inner chamber as its focal point, turns the universe inside-out at just the right angle, allowing Time Ship 1 to take its short-cut.
Naturally, this is proprietary technology.
But we at IJI and JMG can assure you that it’s perfectly harmless to you, your family, Chrone Osphere and the rest of the universe.

As Time Ship 1 travels across space and time, using its Temporal Inversion Core to ride tachyons through dark matter, we should take a moment to get our terminology right.
Our chrononaut does not trave the "space-time continuum."
That term is bland, inaccurate and, worse yet, it's public domain.
The best way to describe the spherical fabric of space-time is the IJI-coined term "Chronosphere™" (not to be confused with Chrone Osphere, the man).
This way, if other news organizations want to leech off our innovation by reporting on humanity's first time traveller, they're going to have to pay to use our intellectual property.

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