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A Cacophony of Chaos
(my skirmish with P.F. Jones)

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I've just completed a particularly annoying battle with P.F. Jones that spanned both time and space.
I need to get it all out before my memory starts altering history, or vice versa.
Sufficed to say- P.F. is a real son of a bitch.

I've been investigating an anomoly in the Temporal Inversion Core, one that made my first mission go haywire.
I was supposed to observe the assassination of President Kennedy but instead found myself colliding with an airship.
A lot of people died, and I was nearly one of them.

The computer, PITA (or Pain In The Ass), and I had been over the anomoly again and again, and could only come to one conclusion-
It was placed there intentionally.
My first thought was IJI's corporate sabotuers, The Army of Truth.
But the Army wasn't a thorn in Jones' side until years after the 2006 launch, and they wouldn't have had the knowledge of space-time coordinates to set me up like that.
So it had to have been Jones himself.
After I had outed him as harbinger of the apocalypse, he tried to shut me up by killing me.
It was the first of what would be many attempts.

I traced the anomoly, a logistical paradox (something along the lines of what is the square root of -1 humping your mother's leg), to Time Ship 1's last diagnostic at Jones' Integrated Technologies.
I decided I'd pay them a visit.
Security at a defense contractor can be a bit intense, so I picked a night in 2008 when the Hapsburg facility got struck by lightning.
(a very Back to the Future approach, if I do say so myself)


dIntegrated Tech's east wing was the most fortified part of the complex, so I headed straight for it.
Four stories high and the length of a football field, the windowless east wing ran alongside The Gates at Jones Mills, an upscale housing development.
I landed TS1 by the complex's backup generators and established a Temporal Isolation Bubble around them.
Then, a split-second before lightning struck, I towed the generators back to the Dark Ages.
I came back to see lightning knock out the complex's power.
I eased up to a defenseless east wing and engaged my magnetic containment field against its outer wall.
I waited patiently for the building's metal exoskeleton to buckle.
It was taking longer than I expected.
"What's taking so long?"
"I thought you wanted us to be quiet," PITA replied.
"I do, but this is taking forever."
"Quit whining."
We finally ripped open a hole big enough to slide TS1 inside the east wing.

P.F. Jones and his golden dustbuster were waiting for me inside.
He must've notice the schtick with the generators and shown up a few minutes early.
I hate it when he does that. next>>>

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