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When IJI purchased General Electric in early 2006, most people thought it was to add the NBC and Universal holdings to his already vast media empire.
It wasn’t until a month later, when P.F. Jones resold G.E., that everyone realized he’d done it solely for access to the their research and development department.
With G.E.’s research into tachyon acceleration and anti-matter conversion patents, Jones had the world’s top scientist create the first honest-to-goodness time machine.
Once Jones found the right reporter who was willing to change his name for steady work, he had Chrone Osphere, the world’s first time-traveling news correspondent.
Each week, Chrone Osphere will travel to another great moment in history to give us a fresh perspective on our past. And by adding to The Morning After Post's invaluable content, Jones continues to crush the so-called “competition.”

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Because you deserve first-hand accounts of historical events with a 21st century bias.

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