Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Future Starts Here

The Great Media Reformation will begin with The Morning After Post and all other subsidiaries of the Jones Media Group.
For far too long International Jones, Inc. has been allowed to use the media outlets it owns through JMG to push its own business and political agendas, much to the detrament of its news consumers.
The American people have had enough, and so has the The Army of Truth.


America's media is in a state of extreme disarray.
Corporate ownership of media outlets has lead to biased, sensationalized
infotainment instead of the critical journalism American citizens need to properly
function in a modern democracy.
We have hijacked The Morning After
Post's website and/or your copy of the Sunday paper to present our Manifest for the Reform of American Media- a plan for how government, media outlets, individual journalists, news consumers and we, The Army of Truth, can improve the information that reaches our citizens.
Thank you for your consideration.
Our First Example:
Chip Foxx

As most Post readers know, Chip Foxx had facial reconstructive surgery in 2002 to look as he does today, like BBC news anchor Nik Gowing. You may have heard that he is having his face altered again to look like George Clooney.
What Chip doesn't know is that he's going to be getting back his original face. (as seen above)
You see, Dr. Sung Hu only agreed to do the procedure because his niece, Mai Ling, spent seven months "indentured" against her will in Foxx's apparel sweatshop in Saipan.
Rather than have him killed, the renowned plastic surgeon chose to help us punish Foxx with his old face.
He'll need it in the coming months as he answers for his past in the court of public opinion.
Let this be a lesson to any other minions who distort facts or bare false witness in order to skew debates and sell the company line:
You will be held accountable.


The Decline of Modern Media

Almost all of the media that reaches the American public are owned by corporations that are required to do everything in their power to maximize stockholders' profits.
The goal of profit maximization is often in direct conflict with the critical journalism necessary for a healthy democracy. more

Ten Imperatives
for Media in
the 21st Century

  1. Journalists must do everything in their power to inform, never baring false witness. 
  2. Real reporters attribute!
  3. There are NOT two sides to every story.
  4. Reading blogs on the air is NOT reporting the news.
  5. Fox News must cease all operations. more

What Consumers Can Do:
Demand Better!

You, the news consumer, have a right to demand better from your news.
Let these news outlets know what you think, both on the local and national level.
If you don't like the tactics or bias you see, hear and read- say so.
If they don't listen, tell their advertisers.
If their advertisers don't listen, boycott.
You'd be surprised how quickly companies respond when their revenue is threatened.
There are other ways to take action as well.
Write, call or visit your local congressman and senator (find them here) and demand congress take anti-trust action against big media and put forth new legislation that fosters competition in the media markets. more

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