Is P.F. Jones?


Of Course
I'm Concerned


by Cythia Figgler
Post Cleveland Reporter
August 2, 2009


A get-well card?
Oh- yes, I'll sign it.
Of course I care.
I'm very concerned about Meredith's cancer.
I am.
It's horrible that it came back, and right before employee reviews.
I remember when she first was diagnosed, right before last year's reviews.
It was skin cancer, wasn't it?
You're right, it is ironic that she always has a perfect tan.
She's had it ever since her trip to Cancun.
Yes, the one she took right after her "chemo" last year.
We knew she had chemo since she wore decorative head scarves after taking a week off.
I remember that collection we took up for her to buy a nice wig.
She came back the next Monday with a wig that looked exactly like her old hair, along with a new pair of shoes.
Is it still skin cancer?
Lung cancer?
Funny - she still seems to be taking seven smoke breaks a day.
Judy in circulation said Meredith has stomach cancer.
Doesn't she eat tacos or wings every day for lunch?
Kelly in HR said she has breast cancer, and may need time off for surgery and breast implants.
Don't look at me like that.
I worry every time Meredith is out sick.
I miss her countless email forwards and endless chatter from the cubicle right behind mine.
When she was snowed in Aspen during the the election week, I did my share of her copy-editing.
At Christmas, when her mother broke her leg and she had to spend an extra week in Ft. Lauderdale, I stayed late, with everyone else, to finish the end-of-year expense reports.
I was right there, covering her work, when she got swine flu in May and had to spend a week at that clinic in Honolulu.
Having a co-worker like Meredith makes me appreciate the good health I used to take for granted- always getting to show up to work everyday and fulfill all these expectations people have for me.
I hope Meredith will know my kind of health soon, and don't at all hope that her cancer wins.

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