Pope Benedict Trying to Discreetly Move Sybian Out of Vatican Before Retirement
  by Federico Marsala
Post Italia Reporter
28 July, 2013


Pope Benedict XVI has been attempting to discreetly move several "marital aids" out of the Apostolic Palace for the last week, Vatican insiders report.
"He's trying to get his Sybian out of the Papal residence without the Italian press getting a picture of it," said one cardinal under the condition of anonymity.
"A bag of accessories and toys as well."
It's unclear whom the pope used the Sybian saddle with, if anyone.
"He expected us to remove that disgusting device during his farewell speech," claimed a member of the Swiss Guard.
"We refused. He's pretty pissy right now."
It is unclear whether Benedict will successfully keep his personal business private, or just leave it for the next pope to deal with.



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