Secretary Clinton to NATO-
'Let's Just Carpetbomb Syria, Already'
  rcby Ryan Church
Post London Reporter
January 18, 2013


In a surprise move, Hillary Clinton told the North Atlantic Treaty Orgaization that they "should just bomb the shit out of Syria."
"Seriously," said Clinton in one of her last official acts as Secretary of State, "let's just carpetbomb them, already."
Secretary Clinton suggested a NATO task force of live and drone fighters could end Syria's civil war by striking at President Bashar al-Assad's oppressive Ba'athist regime.
"Like we did in Iraq, minus the clusterfuck," she said, making many NATO delegates noticably uncomfortable.
Secretary Clinton also offered a surprising alternative.
"Or we could just smart-bomb all the rebels," she said, "Either way."
Clinton said the least acceptable option was letting tens of thousands more people die while the rest of the world fails to act.
"What are we- a bunch of pussies?"
The Secretary was rushed off the stage and it was announced that it was just her bloodclot talking.




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