Portugal Vanishes, Spain Knows 'Nada'
rc by Ryan Church
Post London Reporter
July 29, 2012

The entire nation of Portugal disappeared Thursday, and its neighbor on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, claims to have no knowledge.
"What? It's gone? I hadn't heard," said Spanish King Juan Carlos I while ordering the contruction of six resorts along his new Atlantic coast.
Over 10.4 million Portuguese citizens have vanished overnight and are presumed dead.
Meanwhile, Spain's crushing debt, massive unemployment and rebelious demonstrations have vanished as well.
"Clearly Spain pillaged Portugal and got rid of it... somehow," said U.N. inspector Hans Blix.
International investigators have yet determine the cause of Portugal's demise, though many suspect a combination of nuclear detonations and seismic activity.
"Spain appears to have somehow executed a variation of Lex Luther's plan from the 1978 Superman film," said Blix.
Without any Portuguese witnesses or Spanish confessors, investigators are waiting to see if they can find any remnants of Portugal on the ocean floor.
"We loved and will miss our Portuguese neighbors, but will have to make due with our memories of them and 1,214 kilometers of new beach-front property," said King Carlos.


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