Drug War
a Painful
Mexico Is
'Still There'

by Tex Spurlock
Post Austin Reporter
April 3, 2009

Is P.F. Jones?

Most Americans are alarmed at how much escalating border violence with drug cartels reminds them that Mexico is "still there," according a recent study by Jones Research Institute.
"It's depressing," said Sheila Dixon, a housewife from Corpus Christie, Texas. "I hate being reminded that a third-world country is still there, right beneath us. As if we didn't have enough problems."
Nine out of 10 people surveyed wished the border violence wasn't on the news.
"I hate the problems we have with the Mexican border," said CNN's Lou Dobbs. "Do you think I want to report on the same thing every night?"
With over 7,000 deaths in the last 15 months, the call to legalize marijuana in both countries has grown exponentially.
"I cannot agree to any such change in policy," said President Barack Obama.
"If I, the first black president, were to legalize weed, then all of the conservatives would say, 'see I told you so.'"
"Maybe you should have spent a trillion dollars on your impoverished neighbor instead of Iraq," said Mexican President Felipe Calderon. "I'm sure I'll beat cartels that have 20 times the budget of our GDP. I'm right on top of that."


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