Is P.F. Jones?

Michael Jackson's Still Got It
by Ryan Church
Post London Reporter
June 27, 2009

Joe Jackson, Sr., father of Michael Jackson, stunned reporters Saturday when he announced that his son's remains would go ahead with a planned 50-date world tour.
"I will not deprive my son's fans," said Joe Sr. before plugging his new record label, clothing line and ABS reality show, "Sing like Mike."
Even more disturbingly, all 50 dates were sold out by over-zealous fans within an hour of the announcement.
"I'm not going to miss my chance to see the King of Pop!" said Rachel Beckette, 47, while waiting in que outside the O2 Arena in London for a ticket. "He's still got it!"
Joe Jackson has also confirmed that Michael's body will participate in a Jackson 5 reunion tour in the Fall.
"Mike will be front and center, just like the old days," said Joe.
Depending on how the remains "hold-up," Michael may even do a Christmas duet tour with sister Janet.
"With all the plastic and chemicals in him, he should hold-up fine."
Joe said he'd like to get the revenue flowing before any messy battle over inheritance begins.
"It's a terrible thing to outlive your child," said Joe, "unless you can turn a buck off it."

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