President Obama Bombs Cambodia Just to Show He Can
  rby Henry Ubanks
Post Washington Reporter
September 20, 2013


President Barack Obama held a press conference Friday morning to announce the U.S. had performed "surgical missile strikes" in Cambodia, apparently just to show everyone that he could.

"Let's just say that they had chemical weapons, or WMDs or terrorists or something," said President Obama.

"The point is, we were successful in our mission, and I didn't have to ask Putin, the U.N. or the Republicans for permission."

The drone strikes came in the wake of criticism over the president's handling of the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in it's civil war.

President Obama was long criticized for not getting involved in Syria, then, when he did, lambasted for daring to take the U.S. into another war in the Middle East.

Once a peaceful solution was reached, where upon Assad agreed to turn over Syria's chemical weapons to Russia, Obama was skewered for letting Vladimir Putin run the show.

"I hope this clears up who exactly is Leader of the Free World," said Obama.

Cambodia hasn't been bombed by the United States since President Richard Nixon did so to prove he wasn't "too chicken" to stay in Vietnam, but rather, just preferred other targets.





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