Don't Put Words in
My Mouth, Mr. Obama

by Chip Foxx
September 28, 2008

Now listen.
I'm not saying Barack Obama is a secret Muslim extremist.
I'm not saying he was educated in madrassas.
I'm not saying he's still addicted to cocaine.
I'm not saying he cheated on his wife, Michelle.
I'm not saying Michelle hates America.
I'm not saying Obama wants to tax you into impoverished dependence on the government.
I'm not saying the millions he has in the bank are far more important to him than his constituents.
I'm not saying he's a pompous showpony.
I'm not saying he wants to lose the war in Iraq to win an election.
I'm not saying he wants gas to be $5 a gallon so he can push the green lobby's agenda.
I'm not saying he's glad 9/11 happened.
I'm not saying Obama is whiter than Bryant Gumbel.
I'm not saying a black man can't be president.
I'm not saying African-Americans aren't smart enough to hold public office because they're genetically inferior to their caucasian counterparts.
I'm not saying any of that.
In fact- I've never said any those things.
Yet, no matter how many times I point out that I'm not saying these things,

the Obama campaign acts like I am.
No one has suggested that Obama is an al Qeada sleeper-agent, but you'll undoubtedly hear a few conservative pundits accused of insinuating the "al Qeada connection."
If I report that blogger SliChip38 writes "Barack and Michelle like to molest and murder white children," I'm not furthering a bias agenda- I'm reading the pulse of America.
But tell that to the liberal media.
They only want to report things that praise Barack Obama or vilify President Bush and Senator McCain.
Those of us who keep it real get slandered with accusations of everything the left wing would like us to say.
That way they can keep the echo chamber going, and try to keep America from remembering that life is really right of center.

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