Damn! I Wanna Eat
Sarah Palin's Ass!

by Chip Foxx
October 27, 2008

I'm sorry.
I can't help myself anymore.
I'm in love with Sarah Palin.
Every time I see her on TV I get a raging hard-on that just won't quit.
I know that's not politically correct.
I also know Sarah wouldn't care.
That's why I love her.
Every time she winks at me from behind those naughty librarian glasses, I pop another snap on my button-fly.
I just want to bury my face in her heaving cleavage- I don't care if I cut my cheek on her American flag broach.
I want her to tie me up and treat me like a state trooper who divorced her sister.
I want her to flog me the way people want to flog the Democratic Congress.
I want her to whip me the way she wants to whip the elite liberal media.
I want her to beat me the way John McCain wants to beat Keith Olbermann.
I wanna pour Alaskan crude oil all over her body and eat her ass!
The way Sarah showed up all those New York liberals on Saturday Night Live made me want crawl naked over broken glass and

ravish her in a hottub full of pickle juice.
And when she said, "we still don't know who the real Barack Obama is."
Nailed him!
Nice work, Mrs.... it's Palin, right?
Sorry if I mispell it, but we have only known you for seven weeks.
Hope to see you wearing very little in the White House soon, my love.

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