Sorry, But I'm Not Going to Apologize


As you know, my WABS radio talk show, The Foxx Dossier, which is also syndicated nationally on OnlyChoice Radio Network, is designed to be an open forum for frank discussion.
I want guests and callers to feel they can be honest and direct about any subject, and not have to worry about mincing words.
That’s how you get the comedy out.
That’s how you get the drama out.
That’s how you get the ideas out.
That’s how you grow.
If you never offend anyone, chances are you never say anything important, either.
Last week I was blasted for comments I made about contestants on “American Idol” on my radio show.
As you’ve heard, I have been suspended for two weeks from my radio show.
We will run “Best of the Foxx Dossier” specials.
I have also been suspended from Foxx and Hound, on DNN and HDNN, for the two week period.
We considered letting Hound run the show, but decided it would be best just to air reruns for two weeks.
I will still be writing my syndicated column, Foxx-Eye View, and hosting my uncensored digital radio talk show, Foxx Unleashed, on XABS and HDXABS.
As you may have already guessed, I do not apologize for my “American Idol” comments.
I remember what I said and I’ve read the transcript.
I said nothing wrong.
All of the quotes I saw plastered across rags like The Washington Post and The New York Times over the weekend were completely taken out of context.
This is a classic case of the truth not getting through the liberal media filter.
So, as usual, I’ll just have to take my case directly to the American people.
Anyone who’s been listening to Al Sharpton should know he got it wrong when he quoted me as saying:
“LaKisha Jones? Does she even know who her daddy is?”
Sharpton would have you believe I was making a racist slur by implying that a black girl named LaKisha couldn’t know who her father was.
If you heard the whole quote, you’d know I wasn’t commenting about black fathers or girls named LaKisha, but rather, the lecherous escapades of my boss:
“LaKisha Jones? Is that one of P.F. Jones’ illegitimate children? No, she wouldn’t have his name. Still, you never know. Hey, LaKisha! Do you know who your daddy is?”
See the difference?
If you read the Times this weekend, you saw them quoting me as saying:
“That Stephanie Edwards has a beautiful, chocolatey voice. Those people can sing.”
What I said was:
“That Stephanie Edwards has a beautiful voice. It’s smooth like chocolate. She’s a Southern girl who’s been singing her whole life, and you know those girls can sing.”
And when the Post chose to run this quote I said about African-American toddlers in the audience:
“Those nappy-headed nigglets are wild…”
They were intentionally trying to defame my character.
What I said was:
“Those nappy-headed nigglets are wild, and about the most adorable little things I’ve ever seen!”
You see- I was just using colorful language to drive home a compliment.
Now I know that most of you, upon seeing my quotes in context, understand that you were wrong to prejudge me.
Don’t worry- I forgive you.
It’s the Christian thing to do.
For those of you still offended, let me offer you a way to let go of the hatred in your heart.
Consider this:
Would my comments have offended you if there was a colorful African-American sitting two feet to my left, slapping his knee and saying, “Ah, true dat!”
I didn’t think so.
Incidentally, my new sidekick, Jamal, will be starting when I return from suspension in two weeks.


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