Take That, America
by Chip Foxx
November 6, 2010

We did it!
Eat it, bitches!
Excuse me while the Republicans and I ride the wave of voter anger back into power.
Well, we didn't take over the Senate since TEA Party enthusiasm came along with TEA Party crazies, but 63 seats in the House of Representatives aren't bad.
Hello, Speaker Boehner!
All we had to do was obstruct instead of govern for two years, and it worked.
Sure it was risky, considering how bad the country had gotten by 2008.
We just bet on the American public's short memory.
After two years of letting things get worse and tying Obama's hands from fixing anything, the voters blamed him!
What suckers!

And since the president wasn't actually running, they just turned their anger on all the politicians who had actually tried to help them.
Can you believe it?
Who needs to know how to govern when you know how to WIN! Right?
Just think, with House control comes federal subpoena power.
Can you say "Lewinsky"?
We'll also be able to defund anything the Obama administration does that we don't like.
So the moment we see something working, we'll yank the rug out from under it so quick it'll make Keith Olbermann's head spin.
What better way to demonstrate how government doesn't work than to actually make it not work!
Hopefully we'll be able to make the federal government so ineffectual that independents will clamor for a moron like Palin in 2012.
Great days are here again!