Sunday, June 24, 2006

Why the
World Needs
Time Travel.
Right Now.

June 24, 2006

P.F. Jones says we need a "Temporal News Program" to gain perspective.
I agree.
After three years in Iraq, the American public is starting to doubt our noble endeavor there.
No wonder, with the liberal media throwing around absurd terms like "civil war" and "quagmire."
A time machine could change all that.
With Chrone Osphere reporting on history, maybe we can see what a challenge it was occupying Germany after World War II.
We can see that the Korean War solved real world problems.
We can see the clear victory that we achieved in Vietnam without the "Defeatocrats" skewing our perceptions.
Then maybe we'd ALL have the clarity and resolve to stay the course in Iraq.
By the way- Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq- all the same thing. Don't trust people who tell you otherwise.
Furthermore, I disagree with P.F. Jones' decision to not report on the future.
Imagine how encouraging it would be to see democracy flourishing in Iraq and thus stabilizing the entire region.
Chrone Osphere could probably demonstate the success of Iraq by going to 2007 or 2008, but imagine how much more we'd learn by going forward a decade, when all of the Middle East countries are capitalistic democracies friendly to the United Stated.
He could steer us past this silly environmental fad, to a time when we could see how truly stable our climate is.
He could show us a world that not only has a cure for AIDS, but homosexuality itself.
With the help of time travel, Americans could have the faith to face a 21st century where we already know that America leads the world to peace and prosperity through the free market, Christianity and the occassional war.
Thank you, P.F. Jones, for showing us all what we're capable of becoming.
I'm sure it all will make sense, the morning after.


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