Let’s Put an End
to Frivolous Lawsuits
(and I Mean YOU,
Shell Davis)

by Chip Foxx

For decades this country has been sliding down the slippery slope from a land of responsibility and freedom to an anarchic state of liability and litigation.
What happened to making this the “ownership society?”
We can’t make progress collectively if we keep blaming all of our problems on one another.
But, as it stands, the American court system is clogged with frivolous law suits based on the blame game, and it’s not even the fault of the plaintiffs or defendants.
For once, something IS society’s fault.
It’s the fault of a culture that fills its citizens’ heads with the notion of liability rather than responsibility.
Adults in the real world of responsibility know that sometimes life happens, and that’s not necessarily someone else’s “fault.”
Enter Shell Davis.
The successful, 38-year-old White House Correspondent is famous, influential, and she has a smart, beautiful daughter following in her journalistic footsteps.
If you had asked Shell Davis if she was happy earlier this year, she undoubtedly would have said, “yes.”
But then she read a column by her ex-high school sweetheart, Chrone Osphere.
Now she wants to sue him and P.F. Jones for sexual harassment, statutory rape and 18 years of child support.
You see, young Davis had agreed to sleep with her high school boyfriend after the senior prom, but then chose to cheat on him with her substitute chemistry teacher.
It’s of little consequence that the boyfriend and teacher were the same man, Chrone Osphere.
Davis was not only having consensual sex with an older man, she was cheating on that same man at same time.
And now she wants our sympathy?
And where, in all of this, does Davis find the nerve to ask for child support based on P.F. Jones’ income?
If Chrone is really the father, then why isn’t his income good enough for raising his daughter?
Could it be because he’s not a millionaire, and Davis is just cashing in?
By her own accounts, being a single mom drove her to be the best reporter she could be.
If not for Chrone, she may have never had children, or felt the need to succeed, and might still be a waitress somewhere.
I say she thanks Chrone for her lovely daughter, and then thanks Jones for all of her career opportunities, and then shuts the Hell up.

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