Proof the Liberal Radicals Can't Run a Radio Station, Let Alone a Country

"Progressive" Air America Radio Network Files Chapter 11

October 15, 2006
By Chip Foxx
Air America Radio, the liberal propaganda network headed up by talk show host Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken and Janeane “I Hate Everything” Garofalo, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Saturday for owing creditors over $20 million.
Air America started in March of 2004 to counter conservative talk radio hosts like Bill O’Reilly and myself.
Since that time, it has hemorrhaged over $40 million.
Robert Glasser has stepped down in disgrace as Chairman of Piquant, Air America’s parent company.
It currently owes Glasser, who also chairs RealNetworks Inc., $9.82 million and network frontman Franken $360, 750.
As you may recall, Franken has repeatedly listed Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and myself as “America’s Axis of Evil.”
Sure, Al.
I’m evil.
Me and my “evil” conservative propaganda will go on for years, whereas your company could fold at any moment.
Oh, and do you know what?
My bosses pay ME for my services.
They don’t owe me, let’s say, $360, 750.
In all fairness to Air America, they did say it was going to take four years for their lemonade stand to make any nickels.
The problem is the juice has gone bad- it’s bitter poison that nobody’s buying.
There’s no room in the radio market for your satanic diatribe of liberal hatred.
People are smarter than that.
They turn the dial when they hear you pump up a bogus sex scandal or say things are going bad in Iraq.
Don’t get me wrong- I like hearing from the left side of the aisle.
As my TV co-anchor, flaming liberal Richard Hound, could tell you, I love a healthy debate.
But these hate-mongers go too far, and the people have spoken.
They’ll limp by for now, but mark my word- their days are numbered.