New York
for His
Last Name
jc by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter
June 6, 2011

New York Representative Anthony Weiner apologized at a press conference Monday for his lewdly suggestive last name.
"I have no excuse, I've known my name for years and should have done something about it," said a teary Weiner in front of 30 reporters.
The congressman who represents parts of Queens and Brooklyn said he does not regret going into politics or anything he's done since then, just that he's kept a last name ripe for sensational headlines.
"People think that just because you have a falic last name there must be some big story there," said Weiner, "but that's not true."
The congressman said he's legally shortening his name to Anthony David, using his middle name from now on.
"Just like my old friend Jon Stewart," said Representative We- er, David. "You know his last name is really Lebowitz. Seriously. Why don't you write about that today."
David said he will continue serving his New York constituents and plans to run again next election.
Before leaving, on a side note, the congressman said he will not apologize for lying to reporters for the past week, betraying his wife's trust or the racy photos he's sent to an unkown number of women of undeterminable ages.
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