Foxx Waterboards
Hound Live on DNN

watch Chip Foxx waterboard
his co-host Steve Hound
to prove it's not torture
by Philip Waters

May 23, 2009
Is P.F. Jones?  

The Digital News Network enjoyed its highest rating ever Tuesday night when on the "Foxx & Hound" show, 8 p.m. e.s.t., conservative host Chip Foxx waterboarded cohost Steve Hound.
"We're doing this to prove, once and for all, that waterboarding is not torture," said Foxx while standing over a restrained Hound, who was trying to yell something through his gag.
"For the sake of authenticity, we detained Steve over the weekend without telling him what was going on," said Foxx, who is also the show's executive producer.
Hound was waterboarded by two masked CIA agents for the majority of the hour-long program.
"All you have to do is admit it's not torture," taunted Foxx over a twitching Hound.
After the 17th time, Hound did concede.
"It's not torture! Just stop! Please stop!" pleaded Hound.
"I would have stopped there," Foxx later confessed, "but we had 20 minutes left, and I didn't have nearly enough material. That's why we kept going."
Foxx and the agents continued their enhanced interrogation.
"Have you ever cheated on your taxes? Have you ever had an affair? Are you trying to get your own show on MSNBC?" Foxx badgered.
All-in-all, Hound was waterboarded 23 times during the live show, until his heart stopped for nearly two minutes.
He was revived by paramedics standing by.
"That's why they're our heroes," said Foxx.
Foxx concluded the program with a commentary on how the torture issue had been blown way out of proportion.
"Was that torture? Torture is defined as physical cruelty to produce fear of death. That's not what we saw here today," Foxx concluded.
"I did die!" Hound yelled meekly from behind an oxygen mask.
In addition to the 8 million viewers, DNN took in a record number of calls that night, as well as drawing criticizism from the ACLU, Amnesty International and Reverend Al Sharpton.
"We must not allow our liberal pundits to be treated in this manner," said Sharpton.
Hound was not available for comment, but has reportedly been given two weeks paid vacation.

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