The (bad guys)
Are At It Again!

Reports out of (foreign capital) confirmed Monday that the XXXX Intelligence Service was secretly building nuclear weapons to give to terrorists to attack every major U.S. city simultaneously, killing more Americans than all other wars combined.
President Obama would have to be a total pussy to not beef up the defense spending budget and go in guns blazing.
Our worldwide network of top-notch reporters allows us access to intelligence hours, sometimes weeks, before the CIA, NSA or FBI know a thing about it, so don't listen patiently if they say there's no threat... more

Get Up & Call Your
Right Now!

Considering these new developments, it's important that you call your representatives in Congress and tell them not to cut defense spending or put a cap on the war in XXXX, so that we're capable of affording the life-saving equipment and weapons that patriotic defense contractors like our sister-company Integrated Technologies provide for our brave men and women in uniform... more

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As Usual, Our "Competition"
Is Way Behind the Curve

Don't worry if you can't find coverage of this war yet in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC-
They can't keep up with our superior news-reporting ability, and may even spread misinformation, like saying there's no conflict, just to cover for their own incompetence.
Don't be fooled by third-rate news rags.
You deserve better...
...yada yada yada...


Hating the Military Industrial
Complex Is the Same Thing
As Hating Our Troops

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at war.
And at a time when not just our lives, but our very way of life, are at stake, hating the bloated, redundant American war machine is the same as hating the American troops.
Both are working hard to keep you alive.
So what if our executives make more in a year than your generals see in a lifetime.
And who cares if the contractors at out sister-company, Merc.Jones, will make four times the salary of American soldiers in XXXX and have none of the accountability?



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d It stands for Vladimir Himler, IJI's so-called "Synergy Czar."
His email address is
Let him know what think about his plan for war profiteering.
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