Post-Irene Subways
Still Smell Like Urine

j by Conner Banks
Post Manhattan Reporter
December 27, 2010
New York subway riders' elation at the mass transit systems' reactivation Monday morning quickly turned to disappointment as they realized the cars and platforms still smell like urine.
"Wasn't this all flooded with rain and seawater?" asked Robin Sletcher, graphic designer, of the stench on the F-train.
"The Atlantic can't stand up to homeless piss?"
Many commuters have resigned themselves to the fact that they had unreasonable expectations of the tropical storm's cleaning power.
"I haven't been this disappointed since that time I spent a week in D.C., riding their clean subways, and had to come back to this," said Ralph Anderson, tax attorney.
Even the New York Metro Transportation Authority admits it expected fresher subway stations.
"At best, Irene just rinsed the piss in the streets down here." said MTA chairman Jay Walder.

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