Trump Says Worst Thing
Possible While Grinning
  by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter
September 3, 2015


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said the worst fucking thing anyone could imagine while grinning his face off on national television Thursday.
Not the one you're thinking of- after that this douchenozzle said something even worse.
You may have heard him say, "this country might be too full of retards to elect me," but right after that he said something really politically incorrect with a dickish smile.
Haven't heard it yet?
Don't worry, you will.
Some have already shown Trump's comments about minority groups to a gaggle of reporters.
"The blacks used to love me, before King Obama that is. I already know that the married pillow-biter's, the loser potheads and the pardoned border-jumping rapists won't vote for me."
Then he said something really horrible while smirking like a son of a bitch.
And everyone just jotted it down like we were all at a normal event.
Trump concluded the conference by tripping an old lady and slapping a baby on his way out, but remains the GOP front runner.
And believe you me, by the time this goes to print surely that motherfucker will have said something even worse.

"The beauty of me
is that I'm very rich."


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