Trump Protests Too Much
with 'Golden Shower' Tweets
  sdby Shell Davis
Post Washington Reporter
January 12, 2017


President Elect Donald J. Trump raised eyebrows Wednesday with a barrage of tweets responding to an intelligence dossier released by Gawker the day before. 
Trump was particularly peeved by allegations that Vladimir Putin has photos of him with prostitutes. 
His tweets, however, did little to dissuade public perception of the dossier's validity. 
"I never liked Golden Showers. Turns out there's no real gold involved. Then you're just sitting in a East Euro model's puddle of piss. Sad."

The tweets got more obscure, and puzzling, as they went out in the wee hours of the morning.
"Reports that I dig the Cleveland Steamer are ridiculous. Besides, the Pasadena Mudslide gives you more bang for your buck."

"No @andersoncooper a P Mudslide is NOT the same as a Windy City Rumbler, not that I've done either. Fake news."
The sleep-deprived president gave a bit too wide a glimpse into his lifelong sexual escapades as the night went on.
"A Rusty Trombone is a sacred act between a husband and wife. The gays need to stop trying to steal everything."
They may even explain where the president came up with some of his policies.
"Dirty Sanchez should be called filthy Mexican. Not much fun and a lot of yelling afterward. May cause divorce. BUILD THE WALL!"
Trump erased most of the tweets by 5am, but not before most had been turned into social media memes.





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