Woods Apologizes for Sponsorship

Is P.F. Jones?

by Ryan Church
Post London Reporter
April 12, 2010

Tiger Woods held a press conference Sunday after losing The Masters to apologize for his latest sponsor, AshleyMadison.com.
"I didn't know what it was," claimed Woods of the website that paid him $2 million to wear their logo throughout The Masters.
"Seriously, I never needed the internet," boasted the man who's accused of having 19 affairs.
After losing millions in endorsements to an image shattered by infidelity, Woods' business manager, Chris Hubman, accepted the offer to endorse AshleyMadison.com, a dating site that specializes in cheating spouses.
"It was one of the few he was willing to do," said Hubman.
"He refused to do Magnum condoms" said Hubman," because he 'only rode bareback.'"
Indeed, Woods aggreed to AshleyMadison.com after turning down Molson Dos Equis, Doritos and 5 Hour Energy Shots.
The cheating site, which has been featured on Oprah, Ellen and Dr. Phil, guarentees members will have an affair- just not as many as Woods had.
"Though we do guarentee they'll be better looking."


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