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Topeka School Board Still Rejects HS Drama Teacher's 'Thrones' Production vamp
by Sarah Quigney
Post Topeka Reporter
June 19, 2012


The Topeka Board of Education has refused a fourth script from the Topeka High School's drama club teacher, Rufus Alito, to produce a version of HBO's "Game of Thrones" for the student stage.
"I was sure they'd let me do it with the summer school class," said Alito, who had hoped to play the part of Robb Stark himself.
Board members were visibly annoyed as Alito made his 27-minute pitch Monday night.
"He just won't let it go," said board member Allen Jacobs.
Alito had submitted three previous drafts of the script to the school board during the 2011-12 school year, all of which were refused on grounds of nudity, incest and violence.
"But it's mostly that a bunch of juniors' parents won't be able to follow the five kingdoms' storylines," said Jacobs.
Other board members were put off by Alito contextualizing the play by refering to seasons one and two of the HBO series.
"It's like he doesn't even know they were novels," said board member Shirley Richardson.
Alito first gained notoriety in 2009 with his drama club production of "Deadwood," which many parents found to be "unnecessarily sexual and profane."


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