Tim Tebow's Fathead, Tebow telling God he's a 'misreable (c-word)'
Tebow Leaves God Angry Voicemail

ts by Trip Safety
ABS Sports Guru
January 15, 2012

Several Denver Broncos players and staff witnessed quarterback Tim Tebow make an angry call to God during the forth quarter of Saturday's devestating playoff loss to the New England Patriots.
"How the fuck could you do this to me?" the usually-devout Christian yelled into the sideline phone.
"At first I thought he was talking to his agent," said Broncos running back Willis McGahee, "but then he got personal."
"How can you consider yourself 'all-powerful' if you or that retarded son of yours can't help me beat the fucking Patriots," Tebow yelled loud enough for fans to hear.
In a two-minute, thirty-nine-second rant caught on camera phone, Tebow questioned God's intelligence, loyalty and marketing ability.
"Do you even get how to sell your brand? Maybe have the Christian win? Is that so hard to grasp, you dumb-"
"I didn't think he needed to use the n-word," said wide receiver Eddie Royal.
God apparently ignored Tebow's branding concerns, allowing the Broncos to lose to the Patriots, 45-10.

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