Tim Tebow Unsure If He Wants to
Open Gift Basket from Mark Sanchez
ts by Trip Safety
ABS Sports Guru
March 26, 2012

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow said Monday at a press conference that he's been welcomed at the New York Jets organization with open arms, though he's slightly skeptical of current QB Mark Sanchez's salutations.
"For instance," Tebow said, "this gift basket he just gave me before running off. It's ticking."
The NYPD bomb squad deactivated the basket and reported to coach Rex Ryan.
"We've handled the matter." Ryan said.
Tebow said he became suspicious of Sanchez's intentions on his first night in Manhattan.
"Mark said he'd set me up with a great hotel suite," he said.
Tebow claims he was greeted in his room by two prostitues with cocaine and a New York Post photographer.
"I guess Mark's worried about his job," said Tebow, who was just replaced in Denver by a 36-year-old prone to injuries. "I get that."




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