Supreme Court Hands Down Some Kind of
Decision About Killing Half of Us or Something
  edby Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
July 3, 2013


Last week the United States Supreme Court made some kind of decision about killing half of America's citizens.
Or something.
I don't have all the details yet.
But the way people are freaking out, the only logical conclusion is that half of us are about to get whacked.
Like I said, I'm working some of this out of context.
Consider the following-
"It's the end of the world," I heard some lady on the radio yelling. "They'll destroy all our families! God has forsaken us!"
It sounded like they were putting conservative bible-thumbers in gas chambers.
Then, on another channel, I heard a black man saying, "Slavery is back! They'll put us in chains if they can't put us in the ground."
So, I guess there's a race war, or at least a violent class war, or something.
"One justice called the other justice the Antichrist," a guy passing me on the street said to his friend.
I'm taking his word for it.
Maybe I should Google that.
The point is, some serious shit appears to be going down, and we all need to pay better attention to news when it happens.


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