Is P.F. Jones?

Republican Leadership
Plans to "Stink Bomb"
the Blair House Summit

'Don't crack them until they ask us for our input'

by Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
February 22, 2010

Members of Republican congressional leadership are plotting to deploy stink bombs at this week's health-care summit, a recently-leaked series of emails revealed.
"Bring as many as you can in your coat pockets- enough to stink up the whole place," wrote House Minority Leader John Boehner to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Boehner, McConnell and Minority Whip Eric Cantor have all been implicated in the plot.
For over a year Republican leaders have accused President Obama of shutting them out of closed-door health-care negotiations.
Calling their bluff, the president invited congressional leaders on both sides to a televised summit at Blair House, the guest house across the street from the White House.
Boehner tried to convince the press that getting what he'd been asking for was "a trap," but they weren't buying it.
Rather than come up with any substantial ideas, they began hatching an escape plan.
"Don't crack them until they ask us for our input," McConnell wrote Cantor.
"And wait for them to react first," Cantor wrote back. "Remember- who smelt it dealt it."
"And then we can blame the Dems for stinking up the place, too! LOL:)" Boehner concluded.
The Secret Service has vowed to taser any person found carrying a chemical agent onto the premises.

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