Gov Spitzer on Scandal-
'P.F. Jones Framed Me'

Is P.F. Jones?  

by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter
March 11, 2008

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer addressed allegations of soliciting a high-priced prostitute Monday at a press conference, where he put the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of P.F. Jones.
"This scandal has been wholly manufactured by a corporate criminal who needs to be held accountable," said Governor Spitzer with his wife beside him.
"Jones owes my family and my constituents an apology," Spitzer said.
Spitzer accused Jones of using his media conglomerate to convict the governor in the court of public opinion.
"And all because I wouldn't 'play ball' on tax breaks and zoning," Spitzer continued. "I guarantee this wouldn't have happened if I was in Jones' pocket like Senator Dumblebaum."
P.F. Jones could not be reached for comment.
"Spitzer's charges are not without merit," said Steve Rendall, senior analyst for the media watchdog group FAIR, or Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting. "JMG did break the story, and Jones and Spitzer have never been friendly."
Spitzer and Jones' public annimosity began when the governor took office in January 2007, not only vowing to "clean up" Wall Street, but also slapping OnlyChoice Radio Network with a $6 million fine for payola.
"Furthermore," Rendall added, "we've heard stories about P.F. Jones emailing daily notes on what to cover and how to cover it- it's the worst case of agenda setting since Rupert Murdoch."
The Morning After Post was the first to print that Governor Spitzer had paid $4300 for a prostitute.
The story was released on their website late Saturday night.
Sunday, the story went out to 45 million Post readers and became fodder for pundits like Chip Foxx and Selena B. Kim on Jones' DNN and all the sindicated talk shows on the OnlyChoice Radio Network.
"What you have here is what we call the echo effect," said Rendall. "All of the other networks feel like they're being scooped, so they scramble to compete."
In this media frenzy, Rendall said, many reporters repeat other networks without doing any "digging" of their own.
"We're not reporting, so much as we're struggling to fill 24 hour with bullshit," laughed Fox 'News' personality Sean Hannity. "Hey- is that thing recording?"
By the time that Governor Spitzer addressed the allegations Monday afternoon, a DNN poll showed that 78% of New York state residents felt he should resign.
Perhaps Chip Foxx put it best:
"This liberal heathen's goose has been cooked."
Tuesday morning Governor Spitzer put out a press release conceding his resignation, to take place next Monday.




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