Twelve Republican Governors
Attempt to Reinstitute Slavery

dd by Dick Daley
Post Chicago Reporter
February 23, 2011

Protests have flared in 12 state capitals where Republican governors and statehouses are attempting to legally and indefinitely indenture state employees.
"Look, we have a budget crisis here," said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who just passed business tax cuts.
"We can't afford to keep paying you. But if you agree to keep working, we will feed and house you."
Thousands of Americans have taken to the streets to protest what they thought was abolished by the Thirteenth Ammendment.
"My family has lived in in Ohio for over a 150 years," said Odetta Williams, an African American and state employee protesting outside the Columbus Statehouse. "You're telling me we're going to become slaves now?"
The 12 governors dispute the characterization of the proposed bills as instituting slavery and thus being unconstitutional, partially because they're not based on race.
"This isn't a race thing, we're past that," said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. "We're just going to indenture existing state employees, whatever race. And their children."
Ohio Governor John Kasich said the liberal media is blowing this story out of proportion.
"This will go a lot smoother if state employees and their families will just start relocating to their assigned barracks." said Kasich.

'Look, we have a budget crisis here. We can't afford to keep paying you.'
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