Sexual Discrimination
Still Dominates

You're My
Not a Reporter,



by Cindy Stopher
Post Manhattan Reporter
conner by Conner Banks
Post Manhattan Reporter

A recent study conducted by Jones Research Group revealed that the average American workplace still discriminates against women.
The study showed that even the most liberal office settings pigeon-holed female workers into "traditional" roles and paid them significantly less than their male counterparts. These findings are of no surprise to this reporter.
Even here, in the offices of Post Manhattan, I face constant discrimination as a woman.
One reporter in particular, Conner Banks, has been permitted to belittle me on a daily basis.
Not a day passes that he doesn't tell me to get him coffee or try to make me do his menial tasks.
Whats worse- I know, for a fact, that he makes more than I do.
How can a professional workplace so blatantly foster an atmosphere of inequality?
It seems a six or seven-figure lawsuit may be the only way to get management's attention.
Just ask Shell Davis.
You know what I say-
Bring on the litigation.

Attention readers:
Cindy Stopher is not a reporter for The Morning After Post.
She is my secretary.
Cindy has never been a particularly good secretary, but that is the job for which she was hired.
I ask her to type my notes up and get me coffee because she is my secretary.
I get paid more than Cindy because I've been a reporter for 17 years and she's been a secretary for five months.
Seriously, Cindy-
You need to stop submitting stories to the copy room.
You know Harvey Winton will print anything in his weakened mental state.
Stop taking advantage of him.
And stop rewriting my stories and putting your name on them.
Is P.F. Jones?

That's called plagerism, and whether or not you believe it- your writing's bad.
You make up all of your quotes and statistics.
The only lawsuit you're going to be involved with is a libel suit that bankrupts the Post.
I beg you to stop before you bring us all down.

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