'Ground Zero Mosque' Vetoed
for Less Controversial Operation

by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter
September 1, 2010

The Islamic Community Center slated for construction two blocks from Ground Zero has been vetoed for the far-less controversial "Scores" Gentlemen's Club.
"This is much less offensive," said Chuck Offman, manager of the new club at 45-51 Park Place.
The new 10-story Scores franchise will offer world-class dancers, executive suites and the city's best lunch buffet.
"I think the 9/11 victims' families will appreciate that suites come with an adult film star and access to our fitness center," said Offman.
While many note that blocking the Muslim center denies Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his followers their First Amendement rights, most protesters don't seem to mind.
"At least Scores won't oppress women the way a mosque would," said Ginny Turmont of Gainesville, Florida.
Opponents of the community center also say Scores is far more representative of Manhattan than a facility with an auditorium, pool, food court and September 11 memorial.
"We need a capitalist business in there, not some Muslim communist center." said South Carolinian protester Ron Vianes.
According to Offman, Scores will still cater to Islamic patrons who want to visit the new location.
"We have burka dances five times a day- with free drinks."

'at least Scores won't oppress women the way a mosque would'
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