Paul Ryan Caught Lying About His Fantasy Football Record cigs
  tsby Trip Safety
ABS Sports Guru
September 12, 2012


Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has come under scrutiny after evidence conflicts his claims last week that he was undefeated in fantasy football.
"I've been playing fantasy football for four years, in multiple leagues, and I've won every league I was ever in," claimed Ryan, the incumbent U.S. Representative from Wisconsin's 1st congressional district, on Saturday.
"That's a bunch of bull pucky," said Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, who has served as comissioner of a Republican fantasy football league that included Ryan.
"As you can see, Ryan only won one of the four years he participated," said Cantor.
He provided access to records on that show Ryan's team, The NEO-CONtenders, lost most games but managed to win the 2010 season.
"He's a lying liar when it comes to fantasy ball," said Ron Paul, congressional representative and former presidential candidate, of Ryan.
Paul's Yahoo!Sports records not only disputed Ryan's bragging, but also his claims that he favored local Green Bay Packers players in his roster.
"He doesn't have any Packers, and, in fact, has more Minnesota Vikings players than from any other team," Paul highlighted.
Ryan's only response to these revelations was a brief statement "that he stands by his record," though no one really knows what that means.
After "mis-stating" his marathon time and a factually laughable convention speech, the Romney campaign is re-evaluating how much talking Ryan will be doing over the next two months.



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