Romney/Ryan Campaign Trail Story Dump
from the JMG News Service
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Romney Truly Wants to Be Your President, Unless It's Easier to Get a Nobel Prize or Be Knighted by the Queen or Something

Romney Defends Tithe to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints As Centerpiece of His Tax Plan

While He's At It, Romney Admits He Hates 'The Wire' and 'Breaking Bad,' Too

Romney Thinks Other Wives Should Continue to Lay Low

Paul Ryan Not Really Sure How They Want Him to Spin This Shit

Ryan Caught Lying About Fantasy Football Record

Bob Dole Keeps Calling Mitt Romney, Laughing, Hanging Up

Despondent Mitt Romney Goes on Caffeine Bender

Romney Still Trying to Convince Aunt Lauren to Vote for Him

Romney on Univision- 'My Great Grandfather Started a Polygamist Compound in Mexico, so I'm Part Beaner'

Ryan Really Appreciates the Opportunity, but Thinks He'll Just Stick with This Congress Thing



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